Meet Max


Max Sechrest

A Photographer that brings a unrivaled luxury experience..

The Story

Here is a little about myself..

I started photography in 2012 with the idea of I wanted to be in the film industry. Some time passed on and discovering my passion of taking photographs ignited and exploded into a finely tuned craft. With numerous oh wow moments, many trying career moments, and several hair pulling years, I have fine tuned my talents and skills into my art and craft.

Heres some fun facts about me; Im a Canon shooter, all of my shoots are personally designed and will never have a “way that works” feel to it, every day I pick up a camera I still get the feeling like its my first time, Im a massive fan of Rolls Royce and Mercedes, and my favorite animal is a cat, and I still work in the film industry as a Cinematographer and Director.

Heres what I use on my shoots:
Canon 5D Mark 4
Sigma 24-70 2.8 & 50 1.4 ART
Profoto Lighting